Krida Nusantara Bandung: Celebrating Indonesian Culture


The History of Krida Nusantara Bandung

Krida Nusantara Bandung is a cultural festival that takes place annually in Bandung, Indonesia. The festival was first established in 1996 by a group of local artists and cultural enthusiasts who wanted to promote and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. Over the years, Krida Nusantara Bandung has become one of the most anticipated events in the city's cultural calendar, attracting thousands of visitors from across Indonesia and beyond.

What to Expect at Krida Nusantara Bandung

The festival features a wide range of cultural performances, exhibitions, and workshops that showcase the diverse cultures of Indonesia. Visitors can expect to see traditional music and dance performances, as well as demonstrations of traditional crafts and art forms such as batik making and woodcarving. Food is also a major part of the festival, with a wide range of traditional Indonesian dishes on offer. Visitors can sample everything from spicy sate and nasi goreng to sweet martabak and es cendol.

Why Krida Nusantara Bandung is Important

Krida Nusantara Bandung is an important event for several reasons. Firstly, it celebrates and promotes the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, helping to preserve traditional art forms and practices that might otherwise be lost. Secondly, the festival helps to promote tourism in the region, attracting visitors from across Indonesia and beyond. This, in turn, helps to support local businesses and the wider economy. Finally, Krida Nusantara Bandung is an opportunity for people from different parts of Indonesia to come together and celebrate their shared cultural heritage. This helps to foster a sense of national pride and unity, which is important in a country as diverse as Indonesia.

How to Get Involved in Krida Nusantara Bandung

If you're interested in attending Krida Nusantara Bandung, the festival is held annually in August or September. You can check the official website or social media pages for more information on dates and venues. If you're a cultural performer or artist, you may also be able to participate in the festival by submitting a proposal for a performance or exhibition.


Krida Nusantara Bandung is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, and an important event for promoting tourism and national unity. Whether you're a visitor or a performer, the festival is a great opportunity to experience the diversity and vibrancy of Indonesian culture.

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